3 strips left

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no matter how hard I try, i never get the whole pack of bacon to fit perfectly on a single tray

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hahahaha :p ask your wife to do it. she will do it perfectly.

There is two solutions to your peoblem,one is buy a smaller packet or buy a bit large tray.thanks for sharing.@upvoted and resteemed.

It helps to overlap the fat on a few of the strips. That way the meat part gets more of the heat, and they shrink down as they cook. Still, I feel your pain.

Its a difficult job to perform, it takes patience and experience, hope in future you will make a perfect bacon by giving your best

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you can never make some things perfect

Damn bacons ...What do you intend doing with them?

You can buy a bigger tray.I think that will be good solution.

bring 3 strips less or donate it simple...

The meat is still very fresh, it would be very tasty when made a steak,

nice looking & so delicious food..
thanks for sharing with us..
@upvote & @resteem has done

I can fit and on a singlye tray and try it again and again

Try, try until you succeed

3 stripes of hunger I see, only hunger

You can put the becon a bit closer.I think that will be a good idea.@resteemed

I am feeling hungry

Perfect meal for Monday, Tuesday and Everyday.

3 strips may serve at spot cooking

Bacon Vs Ham

Why to waste time fitting them on tray. They need to go into oven or somewhere to be cooked and enjoyed..

It looks like a delicious steak
I love steaks on the oven, they have a wonderful mood

3 strips left you cooking then
you donted cheroty

delicious meat...so much eating this meat...nice photo...@pinacle

i am so hungry
you can donted me 😜😜

I can fit all that in my stomach though, y u worry about tray ;)