Naples Pizza

in food •  2 months ago

I was hungry so I decided to try Food Home Delivery! Ordered 2 Pizza's 🤔😼🏠

First we have the Napoli Picante


Aaaand then the Marina Napoletana


Sono pieno come un uovo 🤭

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Mmmm, Looks so delicious @phoneinf ! Wish I was there lol, I am starving now!😋😋😋💕🍕🍕🍕
I Love Pizza!💕🍕

Hi Again, its @karenmckersie back to upvote and resteem this into my @momskitchen blog for all my foodie followers ! Mmmm! Following you there as well😋🍕


Hahaha great photos!!

The second is my favorite!


Great to hear! 😺😏

Yummm hope we are invited to join you?


Of course! 🤡

The Napoletana sure looks good. I always order my pizzas with extra pizza sauce. I find that’s always what really makes it bresks your pizza!

That looks like a very good quality pizza pie. Like the kind I used to order at the basement restaurant right outside the base in Stuttgart.

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This was the first time I ever ate a pizza slice with a knife and fork.
Being from New Jersey, it was sacrilege not to pick your slice up in your hands and gobble it

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the marina is a trick because it has no cheese. Even though it is the original style, I never order with no cheese.

Hmm yummy wish we had that Napoli Picante. Lol

Off to Rome in 2 weeks!

Can't wait for all the pizza!


the pizza is so delicious one of my favorite foods

Se ven muy buenas aunque se quemaron un poquito.

Yummy 😋 😍❤️🤩 I want one now!!!

Ambas se ven ricas!!