Bakmi Gang Kelinci, More Than Half the Ages Accompany DKI Residents

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Bakmi is a culinary that has a lot of connoisseurs. For a nice dinner, as well as lunch. There are also many legendary noodles in Indonesia that can be tried for pleasure and delicacy. One of them is in Jakarta named Bakmi Gang Kelinci. This is one of the culinary legends in Jakarta that is highly recommended for its deliciousness.

Of course not without reason why Bakmi Gang Kelinci can be one of the culinary places that can last for decades. So from that, let's examine more deeply about Bakmi Gang Kelinci.

It has been around since 1957

This Bakmi Gang Kelinci restaurant has been established since 1957. Because of the pleasure offered, this bakmi one is still crowded with visitors. Standing in Pasar Baru area, Central Jakarta. From a distance, Friend Traveler can already see the signpost of Bakmi Kelinci which is quite large. So for the first time, this location is not difficult to find.

At first glance it will look like a small shophouse, but when you enter it this location is quite large and large. There are plenty of tables and chairs with written warnings so that the visitors do not shift the tables and chairs that have been arranged.

Menu at Bakmi Gang Kelinci

The menu offered at this Jakarta culinary place from the beginning until now has not changed. The menus that are served include wide chicken noodles, chicken cah mushroom noodles, fried GK wings, ifue noodles, chicken cah, dimsum, and others. Now, while for the favorite menu that is ordered by the visitors who come are mushroom chicken noodles.

In a serving of mushroom chicken noodles there will be noodles, shredded chicken, mushroom, and also caisim. The portions are abundant with lots of toppings. But for Friend Traveler who can't eat large portions of noodles, can take a mini or half size. For its own taste, the noodles are very spicy and have a very soft texture.

Prices at Bakmi Gang Kelinci

For a Friend Traveler who wants to try noodles at this Rabbit Gang, it is very welcome. The price of a bowl of noodles here is priced starting at IDR 27,500 per July 2018. Meanwhile, the store itself is open almost every day from 07:00 to 21:00. If it is a holiday, the place is open early from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

That is the review of the legendary Bakmi Gang Kelinci in Jakarta. For residents of the Capital City and the surrounding community, this one location can be a nostalgic place. See Jakarta in the past in a unique way.



this looks very delicious

wow ... this really makes me hungry

I really want to try it, is this delicious?

What cruelty you have to share more food and less images hahahaha looks really rich I hope you enjoyed my vote

Hahaha ...
Thanks friend

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