Not only Padang and Madura, this is a variety of typical Indonesian satay with a sense of champion

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The beauty of Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke does not only come from its natural beauty. Culture and customs also amaze anyone. Including delicious food that each region is different, although the shape is similar. Like satay served with different spices. Well, curious about various typical Indonesian Satay satay with a sense of champion besides Padang and Madura?

1. Ponorogo Satay

Sate Madura is famous for dice-shaped pieces of meat. It's different in Ponorogo. The chicken meat used is cut into thin slices that elongate like a filet. After that it is soaked with fresh ingredients before baking. You can imagine the taste right?

2. Satay Tegal

At first glance the shape is not much different from the others. However, Satay Tegal is processed differently. The choice of easy goat meat that is soft cut into cubes and immediately burned with pollutants. Yep, after being cooked, it is served with peanut and soy sauce.

3. Sate Ambal

As the name implies, this culinary comes from Ambal, Kebumen, Central Java. The uniqueness of Sate Ambal comes from the marinade that is thinner with a brownish yellow color. Well, the seasoning is made from boiled tempeh which is crushed until smooth and mixed with spices.

4. Sate Blora

Blora also has a unique satay that tastes no less kicking. Before being burned, the meat is wrapped with special ingredients such as cilantro, garlic and brown sugar. After cooking evenly, this culinary is served together with peanut sauce which has a soft texture. Usually, this menu is eaten together with opor sauce and rice pincukan.

5. Sate Buntel

President Joko Widodo's hometown also has his own satay. It's called sate buntel made from minced mutton and wrapped in goat fat. It feels like kicking, especially when mixed with sweet soy sauce.

6. Satay Lilit

Bali does not have betutu chicken as its typical food. There is satay wrap made from chicken, beef, fish, even chopped meat then mixed with special spices. Well, this mixture is then attached to the bamboo before baking it in charcoal. Indonesian culinary lovers, must have known this type of food.

7. Satay Maranggi

Have you ever heard of this typical Purwakarta food? Yep, the maranggi satay is the strongest from beef and meat which is interesting because of the presentation. Not peanut sauce, this menu is served with pickles, tomato sauce, oncom sauce and grilled rice or lead rice.

8. Sate Kere

In addition to bundles, Solo also has other special foods stabbed with bamboo. The name is sate kere which was once made from tempeh gambus and cow innards such as the lungs and intestines. The menu is served simply on banana leaves with a peanut sauce.

9. Klatak Satay

Vacation to Jogja, also make sure to stop by Bantul. This district is famous for its unique satay klatak. Yep, goat satay dishes that use iron sticks. It feels like there is no doubt. Even though the size is big, it's not difficult. Even the soft texture reaches the deepest part of one of the arches of this archipelago.

10. Sate Taichan

The last typical Indonesian satay variant is taichan. Special culinary that lately hits really on social media. This menu is made from roasted chicken meat without spices. The presentation is also interesting because it uses sambal and lime juice. Even though the color is pale, it feels really kicking!

There are many types of Nusantara satay. In fact, Indonesia is one of the countries with the richest collection of species in the world. How about you? Have you tried anything?

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Heum ....
Satay is delicious

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