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Interesting timing on these...

After getting some seeds for these from @mericanhomestead some years back, we finally planted them this year... late. That said, right after a small frost and an upcoming threat of freezing, they are finally really setting fruit. We'll take what we can get. They made a nice sample platter to welcome my parents with too!



Until next time…

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When I ever get to move and have more land I will plant these again! They produced very well!

Creative work

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Strange looking fruit. Are they eaten as vegetables or fruit? What do they taste like?

Kind of like cucumbers

Nice! I kinda like cucumbers.

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Good to see them producing. I planted the seeds you gave me some time back. They sprouted. But some critter ate off the young plants before they had a chance.

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Yummy! They taste sort of like a cross between cucumbers and green beans.

Never seen those before... Wow

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More info pls! :) botanical name and what you do with them would be super helpful. :)

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