Making Crab Samosa

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Yesterday the kitchen had their hands full preparing these yummy crab samosas!!! Let's see the process behind the taste.


First of they start by cooking the whole crab in an array of secret spices and sauces, this part I unfortunately missed. Then they proceed to take out all of the crab meat from the shells. This is quite a labor intensive process if I must say so myself.


After all the meat is out, it's taken through a second stage to make sure there are no little pieces of shell or bone left with the meat.


They then move onto the vegtable part, some carrots, onions and green peppers go into the pan and gets sauted.


Then add some spice, sauce and lots of love to get the flavours cooking.


The last part is to add the crab and taste to make sure there is a consistent flavour.


Finally the ladies start to roll and fill them up to creat the final product of this yummy treat. I also had a go at rolling a few. The first picture of the final product is actually one that I rolled and that they gave me to cook and enjoy. This was an entire days of work but damn are they worth it!!!



There you have it, a quick run through of these irresistible treats. Unfortunately I am not allowed to give out the recipe but in the future I will do my own and give you some more exact details of my own recipe.


Crab samosa is not one I have seen, that looks delicious @p1eter prawns, chicken, beef there are so many new experiences in this well loved food in the Durban area, this is the first crab.

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Thanks @joanstewart, yeah it was my first time trying it as well. There is some lovely fresh sea food produce here and they use it in all different ways and it's all super yummy!!!

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