I made a Pasta

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When ever I need to think, process or just generally feel better, I like to cook something nice for myself. Sparing no money or time. The longer it takes the better, price doesn't matter, cheap or expensive.


I decided on making a classic favorite with a special touch. Spicy meatball pasta. Everything on this plate is made from scratch. Even the pasta, however that will not be covered here as I already made a tutorial on that.

Let's kick off with the sauce. You will need, 3 tomato's (blanched, cut a x on the top and bottom and kook in boiling water for 3 minutes and then skin.) Half an onion, diced. A handful of oregano, diced. 1 fresh garlic clove, crushed. Olive oil and sugar to taste.


Chuck it all into a pot and use a masher or wooden spoon to mash the tomato's and stir it all up and let it come to a boil.


It should be forming a more liquid form and just keep it hot until it boils.


Now let's get started on the meatballs. You will need 200 gram of minced beef. Salt and pepper to taste (I like Loads). Chilli seeds to get that flavor popping. Cumin seeds, sugar and Coriander seeds.


As the sauce comes to a boil, drop the heat and let it reduce.


Put your meat in a mixing bowl and add all of your spices. I cook by hand and to taste, so with quantities you are on your own.



The sauce should be reduced down quite a bit already and just keep it going.


Mix up all your herbs and meat, I like just grabbing a bunch and squeezing my hand as hard as possible so it comes out the gaps, kinda like a meat grinder.


Form all your meat into balls and set aside.


Take your sauce out of the pot and into a blender it goes to make it nice and smooth.


Line up all your balls in a hot pan with some olive oil!!!


Shake em around until they are nice and golden on the outside and reduce heat.


Add your sauce and cover them and the pan with a lid. Let it simmer and steam for about 2/3 minutes. In that time, plate your pasta with a hole in the center of the plate and top with some fresh rocket.


Take off the lid to that lovely smell and plate the balls in the center and then cover with sauce. Finally top with black pepper and there you go, sweet tomato sauce with a chili meat ball on home made pasta and spicy rocket!!! Bon Appetit!!!




Yum! That looks so tasty! ^_^

Thank you, it was!!!!


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Hmmm, that looks delicious!!! 😋
Thanks for the recipe. I never tried this but it doesn't seem as complicated as I thought.

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