Simply amazing. I too started posting journels from my weekend food outings. Please take a look and share your views about it.


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Yummy delicious dish......... Love it....., so so so so nice............. It makes me hungry....... Can you share with me your delicious dish??????

Looks delicious, still trying to figure out what it is, I think we don't have it over here. Good meal you have there. Nice post

Yummy, I had some of me yummy beef in Korea! Didn’t want to leave!

Looks like a meal fit for a king.

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i see it but i did not eating it

Wow i like it this food

ohhh so nice @oldstone very tasty dish, mouth watered i like that. very nice you ate it at weekend.

Good photo

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steepshot이라는 것으로 올리신건가요?
이게 무슨 어플인가보네요??

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맛 있어 보입니다.
행복한 저녁시간 되세요.^^


steepshot실험으로 올렸습니다.
그런데 steemit에도 올라가는군요

It looks yummy.Great combination there

맛있게 많이 많이 드세요
오늘은 원주에서 먹는 축제날입니다
추워지니 잘 드셔야 합니다
늘 방문해 주셔서 고맙습니다

Must be very tasty😍

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