Try to find a better one, PANINOTECA DA GINO

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The best burger in south Italy, not only for me, but also for Egidio Cerrone (owner of Puok Burger Store, and lover of street food), is situated in Visciano, a little country in the province of Naples.

We are talking about "PANINOTECA DA GINO", a small pub where you can make burgers at your leisure.

Peculiarity of Gino are:
1)the meat taken from the family butcher shop (LA MACELLERIA DI GUIDO FERRANTE)


2)homemade sandwiches

Let's see some of my favorite burgers


(hamburger, provola, potato wires, bacon)

2) (Without name)

(Purè of potatoes, parmigiana, hamburger, provola, ham cubes)


(Hamburger, provola, cream and grain of pistachios, arugula, baked potatoes, mortadella)


( Hamburger, smoked provola, baked tomatoes, ragù, mushroom aubergines)

5) (Without name)

(double hamburger, bacon, provola, eggs)

6) (Without name)

(Hamburger, provola, parmigiana)


( Hamburger, white parmigiana, caramel onion, pulled pork, provola)



Looks so delicious


Man, some of those burgers are intense. Did you try and eat them all in a day?

Once a days, forever

Looks nice:)

It is delicious

looks absolutely yummie... got me hungry here !

Best burgers in the world

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you gotta make me a burger sometime

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wow that does look yum those eggs tho look like something straight out of anime good job man

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My gosh i like them all. Yummy!!!

those burgers are awesome i love burgers so much 8 )

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A real battle ... very beautiful

Those burgers are really mouth watering. I hope I get to eat one of those! @notonlyfood :D

Come to Visciano :)

Will surely travel to Visciano on my bike once I've got sufficient finances ;)
You'll have to treat me one of these! :P

Visciano on Bike? :O

Yes! I wouldn't mind. Planning a ride across my country next month and will also be posting stories here on Steemit.
If I can manage to earn enough, I'm definitely coming there!
Followed you. Hope to meet you someday ;)

Awesome burgers mate! They look delicious!

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haha I'll guess I can better start post about unhealthy food :') Attracts more ppl. But tbh.. they do seems like nice hamburgers

Very tasty hamburgers

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