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in #food4 years ago

I was just planning our family holiday to New York this upcoming fall and recalled that we would need to make a reservation at the Eleven Madison Park. We had a wonderful experience back in 2012. Fast forward five years, EMP is now ranked No. 1 in the World's 50 Best Restaurants!

This was the excellent 15 course lunch we had back then.

  1. Cheddar & Apple Savory Black & White Cookies

  2. Oyster glazed with Wood Sorrel and Buckwheat

  3. Cranberry snow with Beets, Goat Cheesen & Caraway

4 Sea Urchin custard with Baby Squid, Bay Scallop & Apple

  1. Sturgeon smoked with Everything Bagel Crumble, Pickles & Caviar

  2. Salsify roasted with Bulgur Wheat, Mangalistsa Ham & Hazelnuts

  3. Carrot tartare with Rye Bread & Condiments

  4. Lobster poached with Leeks, Black Onion & Shellfish BisqueEMP099.jpg

  5. Parsnip roasted with Sesame, Parsley & Dijon

  6. Beef grilled with Mushrooms, Amaranth & Arugula

  7. Greensward Pretzel, Mustard & Grapes

  8. Malt Egg Cream with Vanilla & Seitzer

  9. Pear poached with Honey & Acorn

  10. Grape with Sheep's Milk Cheesecake & Fennel

  11. Pretzel Chocolate covered with Sea Salt


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