Life Sweeter Like A Cake And A Mystery of Puzzles Like Minecraft

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Its a glorious Saturday steem buddies! Now, we are getting ready to know more about various cake designs as we plan to venture in the business! Among the many customize cake design, one cake catches my attention because of its unique design "Minecraft". Yes! Minecraft .... for sure this will be a sure hit in the market because every kids loves minecraft!

Minecraft has been definitely love by kids even my son is highly influence and love playing this game! You can see in his reaction that he enjoys playing minecraft!


Minecraft can be a game of fun and learning at the same time! It promotes a wide array of learning development for my son as its promotes the following as what I have observe in him:
problem-solving-the ability to solve problems logically thus finding ways how to build and create.
creativity-develops his mental imagination as he create his world in minecraft.
collaboration- the need to work with others

Life is a mixture of everything nice and spice. We need to keep on dealing with life and keep up the good fight! Like a cake it can be sweeter but it needs you to design your own life. Yes! like in minecraft you are the architect, you design, create, build,and collaborate to succeed! We need deal with life as it feeds all the good and bad things, up's and down's, the success and failures! That is life sweeter like a cake, and a mystery of puzzles like minecraft. Be thankful because we are bless!

All Photos Are Mine Captured with Vivo Lite Plus with 16 Megapixels Camera

Your Steem Buddy,


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I loved it

Thank you!

Well made post. Love the words and thoughts entails to it. and lastly love the design of the cake. I wish i could grab a small bite. hehe. done upvoting it brother. keep steeming. God Bless you always.

Super thanks bro! More power and God Speed!

welcome bro. tayo2x lang din ang magtutulongan.