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Rabbit, stewed with onions and carrots

Rabbit meat is considered the most delicate. I will share my favorite recipe: how to cook a rabbit, stew with onions and carrots.

From a small amount of ingredients, we will try to cook a deliciously delicious dish. All meat lovers will definitely appreciate it. The stewed rabbit just melts in your mouth, if you keep the right time for longing. A few vegetables will add different shades to the dish.


• Rabbit - 1,5 Kilogram

• Carrots - 400 Grams

• Onion - 250 Grams

• Butter - 100 Grams

• Sour cream - 400 Grams

• Tomato paste - 50 Grams

• Salt - 2 Teaspoons

• Black ground pepper - 1.5 teaspoons

• Water or broth - 2.5 cups
Rinse and clean the rabbit. Cut it into pieces. Rub each with pepper and salt.
Heat the frying pan, drop butter there. Fry the rabbit's meat over high heat on one side for 6 minutes. Turn over and fry for another 7-9 minutes.
Onion cut into half rings, and carrots - mugs. Remove the rabbit from the frying pan and set it aside. In this frying pan bring the broth or water to a boil.
Transfer the meat to the cauldron. Fill it with boiled broth, drop the chopped vegetables. Put on the fire until it boils.
As the dish boils, add sour cream with tomato paste. Add water to the ingredients completely in it were. Simmer over low heat for about an hour.
Serve with fresh herbs. Of the side dish is best suited fried potatoes.



I'm not sure if I have eaten rabbit yet. Can you give me an idea of what it tastes like?

You have to try a rabbit. So easy to describe will not work.

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