Natural dyes for eggs

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Each hostess is preparing for the Passover, and the colored eggs are,
of course, a non-usable attribute. You can paint them not only with
chemical dyes, but also find in your kitchen products that can be used
as a coloring pigment.

eggs (white)
beets - for red color
onion peel - for burgundy color
blueberry - for violet
red cabbage - for blue
spinach - for green
coffee - for brown
turmeric - for yellow

Add the ingredient of your choice to the pan (the size of the pan will
depend on the number of eggs that you are going to color). Put the
eggs and add water. Bring to a boil and cook over low heat for 7

Then gently transfer the eggs from the pan into the heat-resistant
container and pour the dye solution from the pan. Pour in so much
liquid to cover the eggs. Add the vinegar, about a tablespoon to a
glass of liquid. Leave for 4 hours or at night (the longer the eggs
will be in solution, the more intense the color will turn out).Remove eggs from the paint and allow to dry. After drying, you can rub
the eggs with a small amount of oil to make the eggs shiny.

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