TO live a happy and fit l follow these 10 things daily

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  1. The food to eat daily
    1.1. Green vegetables like leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables include kale, spinach, collards, swiss chards, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and Brussels
    sprouts etc and also boiled food like potatoes, Beans etc
    1.2. fruits like Avocados, Grapefruit, Apple etc
    1.3. Yoghurt and Coconut Oil
    1.4. Chia Seeds and Apple Cider Vinegar
    1.5. Eggs, fish and milk
    1.6. Salad
    1.7. Whole Grains and Soups
    1.8. Dry fruits and nuts

  2. To exercise regularly
    2.1. Make a daily routine and try to sleep 9 o' clock and always wake up at 4 am and do regular exercise like jogging, yoga, etc
    2.2. Always try to eat breakfast lunch dinner at the same time and also eat dinner 2 to 3 hours before going to bed

  3. Smile and keep be stress-free
    3.1. DO your work at a time and not to take to much stress while working
    3.2. Spend your day with a smile on face and try to keep a happy environment near you.
    3.3. Helps others without a reward

  4. Check up your health every weak
    4.1. Visit the doctor every weak and say freely every single problem you are facing
    4.2. Try to do the blood test

  5. Read a book, writes something and speak every day
    5.1. Make a habit of reading a book and writing something you loves
    5.2. Speak aloud to make your vocabulary good
    5.3. try to learn some new word from the dictionary

  6. Drinking plenty of water
    6.1. Drink a minimum of 2-litre water every day
    6.2. Don't waste the water

  7. To concentrate
    7.1. Do concentration everyday to sharp your mind
    7.2. Try to concentrate your emotion

  8. Not to show off
    8.1. If you are strong try now to show off your power
    8.2. Try not to fight especially with children
    8.3. Teach good things to others

  9. Never try to eat junk or fast foods
    9.1. Fast food will damage your health
    9.2. Fast food will make you fatter and lazy
    9.3. It will decrease or will take some of your life from you
    9.4. Becoming more ill will shorts your life span

  10. Do everything after following these important points in your life
    10.1. You can travel
    10.2. Do your hobbies
    10.3. Play your favourite outdoors games

Live a Happy Life


hello, anyone has a question regarding it

I have seen your post about food it, and I agree to follow it, but I want to tell you that you need to tell us more aware of it so that we can know more important issue to how we fall ill or to how to be fit

Thanks for it and surely keep your advice and when I will post next time, I will take care of it.

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