Morning Healthy Lifestyle Vegetable Salad

in food •  last year 

Vegetable is a lots of health benefits that can your body to more healthy.This is a refreshing Salad using all different kinds of vegetables.

I saw a video on YouTube site that vegetable salad is delicious and more healthy. So I decided to make a delicious salad cause I'm sick girl who need a healthy lifestyle.


Fresh Vegetable Salad is a quick & easy recipe that’s loaded with veggies.
I buy a avocados, Orange and many more


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So fresh salad i would like to add a good fish and the salad is complete :). Regards


Taste good

oh yum! i love salads sis.. i can see avocado too! is it already season for avocados?


I don't know.. My tita give this to me

sarap naman nyan. penge ako. 😂
Following and upvoted.