Check the Czech Cuisine - Meal 3

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Hey Steemians,
Another Check the Czeck Cuisine post, answering the tough question... What is czech food like.


So todays lunch was actually really tasty.
There was a meat stock soup with barley (typical that there is always a soup served before lunch mains in winter).
Then for the mains there was this almost oriental chicken stirfry. I think it was sweet and sour or something.
Then the best part were these traditional czech fries pancake things. Apparently they have a mix of meet inside but it didnt taste meaty to me. Had sort of this vegetable pancake flavour. Really very tasty though. My czech friend told me that they are actually quite a specialty in his region and that people are really excited to eat them. After trying them i can tell why.

Lastly i had a suger biscuit with wipped icing for dessert. Honestly a little too sweet for my liking but it was another typical czech thing i had to try. Apparebtly they are called coffins because of their shape.

Also i thought it might be fun to teach you all how to say a typical Czech phrase.

Dobrou chuť!

Its like saying bon apetite before each meal.

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Until next time,
Later Aligator.

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