Throwback Thursday in Pictures: Tea Time!

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I take my teas as seriously as I take my marriage. They've gotten me through many tough spots. I sometimes kick up the flavor with the essential oils you see in the case. Sometimes I use Stevia or Cinnamon Stevia. I also add coconut milk and butter to meet my fat goals (I eat a high fat, low carb diet to control my ADHD). Butter + coconut milk + cinnamon Stevia + Earl Grey is like an artisan cinnamon roll.



Above you see some throwback images. It's Thursday after all! I don't have images from the days my love affair with tea began, so these I offer you are far more recent. A throwback of maybe two years.

And guess what? I'm drinking tea right now.

Okay, you caught me. I'm having my morning cup of coffee. But after that is tea all day.

What is your favorite hot beverage? Bonus points for geeky gifs.

images and post by @shawnamawna

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Lol I like the catchphrase "I take my teas as seriously as I take my marriage."

I LOVE tea, although recently, thanks to an IHOP brunch for my birthday, I have gotten into flavored coffee with whipped cream. Good thing, because my oldest child keeps drinking ALL my tea!