Homemade Marshmallows in Pictures

in #food3 years ago

When my younger sister (@nat5an's sister-in-law) had her baby shower, the word of the day was "homemade marshmallows." There stood an island in the kitchen stacked with them and several other treats. It was a sweet display with many flavors. Some success, so less successful. But it was Winter, so what didn't go straight into bellies later decorated hot chocolate.


I have never tried to make marshmallows on my own. Truth be told, I don't enjoy eating them. But I loved the energy put into making my sister's day special. A party in honor of her and her now one-year-old darling was well-deserved.


It was a fun, sweet setup to which I contributed a game I'd love to share in another post. For now, I hope you enjoy seeing these treats as much as I did. They were quite the marvel.


images and post by @shawnamawna


Wow... biscuit very good @nat5an

Shocking a lot of food menu that you share tips and ingredients for how to make the meal, thanks for your inspiration and information.

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