Children are all the best !!!!

in food •  6 months ago

  Hello, my dearest friends! Practically every child considers the best treats to be candies, biscuits and other sweets. It is a usual thing to give children sweets as a gift for holidays. But you must admit that it is much more pleasant to receive sweets wrapped up beautifully, for example, as a bouquet. Children will be very excited to get such a bright and fascinating thing together with their present!

My friend Diana made this bouquet for her niece to congratulate her on her graduation.
All the kids gathered up when they saw this beauty!!!
Many thanks to my dear friend for her creativity and all the love she puts into her masterpieces.


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That's great and unique idea. We may also create a chocolate bouquet in this way.

That's like as a great food for all

As a father to a 11 month sin, I prefer to keep him safe from sugar addiction as long as I can 😏 i recommend everyone else to do the same

Really all kind of children like this type of food.

Wow, that looks beautiful and delicious. Does your friend run a business that makes these or did she just do it for fun? Looks very creative, she has a talent here.

Very nice idea!

I vote for chocolate

That looks amazing! (walks to kitchen to find chocoalate....)


Thank you!

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A magnificent bouquet, a childhood dream!


Thank you! that's for sure

Oh my goodness that looks sooooo good!!! (Being gluten free I couldn’t eat most of it but I might be willing to try for this lol)

Oh so sweet😍, can you give too me?😌😀

the salliva is dripping 🤤🤤🤤

oh my I want to eat every one of those! or at least try everyone! :) Great post!


they are all good


LOL I bet! :) Can't go wrong with chocolate!

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The pandas are really cute :D

Woaoo que hermosa idea. Mi hijo esta por cumplir años que se te ocurre pueda hacer similar pero para NIÑO?

Wow😍 I want to eat them

What a special gift, any child or adult would love it.

This looks so beautiful and tasty, creative idea

I am very sure Diana's niece must be feeling very special on her graduation day after getting such a beautiful gift ! Deserves an Upvote