Dinner in Arsenal. Ribs and spirits

in food •  last year

Yesterday I met my friend at the center of Lviv. We decided to talk about work, future plans... and life. We came to the restaurant "Ribs under Arsenal". Before on it's place partially was museum partially nigh club. Above the restaurant there is still museum, by the way there presented really interesting exhibition of ancient weapon.
The pep-talk... and most delicious ribs in Lviv with craft beer "Dunkel".

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You really had a good time @mykola-san.
I'm feeling hungry because of the sight of this meal... I'm off to get something nice 😂

Ok, now I am seriously jealous 😒. Ribs look so juicy and delicious! 🍺🍺🍺. So much cruelty in one simple photo 😆.

А я вчора там була:)


жива музика була? може The Black Velvet?))


Aхахааа їх ще тільки там не бракувало 😁😂😂😂