Recipes chikcen food

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hello my tonight i will share recipes chikcen food
The main ingredient :
1 Kg Chicken (cut into 20)
600 ml of Ice Water
1 tsp Salt (u / mixture of dyestuffs)
4 tbsp Wheat Flour (u / mixture of dyestuffs)
Flour Mixed Materials:
1 kg of Chakra Flour
3 Sachet Royco Cow
1 tsp Salt (u / dried flour)
1 teaspoon Soda Kue
Seasoning Ingredients: (Blend with blander)
5 Garlic Shoots
2 Orange Leaf Sheets
1 tbsp Coriander
1 Turmeric (5 cm)
1 Ginger Segment
1 tsp Salt
Cut Chicken to 20, then Wash clean

Soak the chicken in ice water (try to have the ice) and add the marinade that has been smooth for 2 hours or can be entered the refrigerator overnight for spices to enter

After soaking for 2 hours, then add 4 tbsp of flour + salt to chicken soak, mix well

Mix all dried flour, mix well, taste what if you like salt can add salt

Take the chicken soak and then input in the dry flour, squeeze the crumbs so that the flour attaches perfectly, then melisten slowly for the rest of the flour down and its results a ...


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