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Hello gusy
My post this time I will discuss Kue has a chinese

Chinese dodol is one of the special or obligatory cakes of the Lunar New Year celebrations not in Beijing at this time. This basket of cakes began to be used as offerings at the ancestral worship ceremony, seven days before the Lunar New Year (廿四 送 尫 Ji Si Sang Ang), and the peak of the eve of the Lunar New Year. As offerings, the cake is usually not eaten until Cap Go Meh (the 15th night after the Lunar New Year).

Believed at first the cake, it works as a dish to enjoy the god Furnace (竈君 公 Cau Kun Kong) in order to bring a pleasant report to the king of Heaven (玉皇 上帝 Giok Hong Siang Te). In addition, the form that is a family that celebrates the Chinese New Year can continue to unite, harmonious and round determination in the coming year.

Snack baskets are produced in many cities, including Tangerang, Bogor. Sukabumi and Yogyakarta

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