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I love peanut butter! My family loves peanut butter! Spread it on a sandwich, on toast or just eaten straight from the jar (I get chastised for double dipping). But there is some contention with this yummy condiment in our household. It isn't if it is actually a condiment, although that could be another sore point. It is whether or not it is classified as savoury or sweet.

This is a childish perpetual debate between myself and my wife. I am in the savoury camp, she is in the sweet. I show her the nutritional information, barely any sugar, 3.8g per 100g. In fact barely any carbohydrates at all, 7.4g per 100g, the overwhelming proportion is obviously fat, with 54.3g per 100g.

How can it possibly be sweet?

I ask her what her view is on plain old peanuts, are they savoury or sweet? She replies, "they are savoury!"

"Well how in the hell is peanut butter sweet? It is just roasted peanuts with a bit of palm oil."

"I don't know, it just is." She responds resolutely.

For the life of me I can't understand her logic, so I trawl the interwebs searching for answers. It turns out there are a whole raft of other people who think it is sweet. What is the world coming to?

This is why I am turning to Steemit. I want to start this discussion here and make this post the de facto guide on the classification of peanut butter.

I need your help, I implore you. Help me close this debate once and for all. What are your thoughts? Who is correct?


100% it's NOT sweet!!!

Oh yes we have another one, cheers @captaincanary

IT'S SWEET!! I can't explain why it just is!

Lol you would say that. xxx

I'm a fan of peanut, both in butter format or as is. I think it's savory. But don't take my word for it because I'm obviously super biased :)

Woot woot one for savoury!

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