Tasty Bakery Bread (tutorial)

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 Resep kali ini super istimewa😉.mengapa saya bilang istimewa?mengapa  tidak,resep roti biasa bisa disulap menjadi roti bakery,tekstur seratnya  cantik,super empuk mirip dengan killer soft bread dan rasanya??monggo  dicoba😅.pasti bilang.."wuih...kayak toko roti😄"..dijamin bikin  ketagihan😋


 The  recipe is super special - why I say special? Why not, ordinary bread  recipes can be transformed into bakery bread, the texture of the fiber  is pretty, super soft like killer soft bread and taste ?? monggo  dicoba😅.pasti say .. "wuih. .. bakery bakery😄 ".. guaranteed to make addicted😋 


7 gr yeast instant
50 ml of warm water
1 tsp sugar
bread ingredients
500 gr high protein flour
50 grams of sugar
1 egg, shake off
250 ml of warm milk
75 gr butter
1.5 tsp salt
Egg yolk

  •  prepare the beaker, put the ingredients and let stand for 8menit until bubbly. "Yeast test first yes, if not fresh foam (meaning dead yeast, if still used the bread will be sob). "Water must be warm instead of hot or cold.
  •  Enter the sugar, shake it off, warm liquid milk and add the prick
  •  round the dough ketengah, let stand for 45menit-1hours to expand 2x fold (cover with plastic wrap / napkin clean).
  •  Divide the dough into sections, may be weighed.
  •  Form dough according to taste, let dough for 15menit, preheat oven for 10menit.
  •  Grease bread with egg yolk, bread oven with temperature 180'c for 14menit
  •  Grease bread with honey and margarine (1: 1 teaspoon, mix), once out of the oven and still hot
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