Martabak Egg

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Good evening, friend steemit, tonight I will share about things about
Martabak cannot be separated from the people of Aceh. There are two types of martabak, namely martabak and salted.
The food is always there in almost all parts of Aceh. Even so, a Malaysian citizen claims that Martabak is native to his country.

From time to time, martabak began to follow the culinary. In the past salted martabak or eggs were made from a mixture of eggs and meat.
Sweet Martabak, usually bright moon, usually filled with chocolate, beans, sesame, and cheese. However, martabak is always created with a new face, especially sweet martabak.
Of the many variations of martabak in Aceh, which one do you like, and here are some photos about martabak thank.


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