Guava benifits

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There is a fruit that is found in hot green areas, which is not so special, but delicate, but is very useful and useful.

There are many small seeds in it that are very hard but the outer layer loses the skin. That's why he sticks and gets naked in pure condition. It occupies and is beneficial for stomach diseases. It is light green soft fruit. Its internal part is white, called pulp. It is useful that if the food is cooked, it is useful. A special type of embroidery pulp is light pink.

Recent research on 14 fresh fruits in the National Institution of Hyderabad, Hyderabad has been concluded that anti-oxidants in the antioxidants have more than all other fruits. Are there Antioxidants are nutritious ingredients that protect cells from being destroyed. When the cells are destroyed, the effects of skin growth occur. The skin and the skin start appearing on the skin, and therefore, there are also gastrointestinal cells that are very destructive and hazardous effects.


Antioxidants eliminate these free radicals that cause these losses and disorders. This review has been seen that the Amaravas are called "the fruit of the poor" in India. Other fruits such as pomegranate, banana, pearl, mango, apple, flour, and grapes are far more fruitful than antioxidants. There are 500 grams of anti-oxidants in 100 grams, while in the same amount 330 grams of flour, 135 mg in apples and mangoes and only 30 ml antioxidants are found in bananas.

The amount of protein c is surprisingly more than other fruits in this fruit called "apple apple". Quantity of vitamins in vomiting is 212 mm, whereas the most popular fruit orangoids or violet cereals contain 100 grams of vitamins in vitamin C is only 40 mm. If 90 grams of edible food are consumed daily, daily vitamins can be met. Remember that the main protein found in vitamin A is also essential for keeping skin and skin healthy in addition to the production of Collagen. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that makes the disease-saving system stronger and protected from cancer and disease. However, if the intake is high, the quantity of vitamin C decreases.


Niacin and potassium are also significantly available in moderation that keep blood pressure moderated. The embroidery bouts and its seeds contain peculiar and non-soluble fiber, which help reduce the level of cholesterol.

Oil is also extracted from seed seeds, which is audiences and is very useful from the medical point. The amount of vitamins A or carotin is lower in the body, but other minerals, including phosphorus and calcium are high. The well-cooked Emperor plays an important role in removing the occupation. There is a fruit that is not a favorite by taste but is very useful by nature.