Afternoon Tea at the Mary Stegmaier Mansion

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Today a friend and I attended the Kitty Kit-Tea at the Mary Stegmaier Mansion in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. The event was a fundraiser for a local cat rescue and seemed to be a great success. The event sold out very quickly, so I was lucky to get two tickets when it was announced.


This was the first time I had been to the mansion. It is typically used as a wedding facility, but special events are held throughout the year. The first floor solarium was the most striking part of the venue.


After having some cheese and vegetables downstairs, we were taken upstairs to be seated in the dining room. It is a gorgeous space and would make a lovely wedding venue.


We were served scones with cream, butter, and jam, then a strawberry salad. Our tea sandwiches were adorable. I could see myself making the cucumber cat sandwich for my nephew (if I could get him to eat cucumbers).


We were served parfaits in mason jars for dessert. I didn't win any of the raffle prizes, although I was hoping for the pet stroller for my dog, Gertie. It was a fun afternoon spent in a beautiful setting. How did you spend your Sunday afternoon?



This is a nice house. Don't mind building my house like it. Admire what you do and I followed you. You will like my amazing steemit blog where I ask life biggest questions in different scenarios . Follow my blog for more interesting post.

I read somewhere that it would cost $25,000,000 to build the home today!

Well with luck I might be fortunate one day to do it.

Wow, that's a very beautiful old home! And a nice look into the way "the other half" lived.


I spent my Sunday afternoon setting up for @guthrie’s birthday party, which went smoothly! That mansion looks beautiful! I’m trying to image you and @donvee pushing around a puppy stroller. 😆so cute!! Hope you’re able to find an affordable one or win at the next raffle!

Glad to hear the party went well! I think the stroller would be reserved for walks when I'm alone. He wouldn't be caught dead pushing a puppy stroller!

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