Cold and Yummy

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These terribly hot days make the kids irritable. Thank goodness, school is in and mums can get some quiet time at home now.

When they come home, they are ready for some milk and snacks before dinner. How about some gelato, shave ice or ice cream now and then because it is so hot. A reward for a good day at school; model behaviour or awarded a star or teacher's awesome comment.


Lately, whenever there is enough space in the freezer, I will try my hand at making ice cream or sorbet. So far rather good attempts with lemon, chocolate, dragon fruit and passion fruit. My next attempt would be pumpkin and vanilla ice cream.


It is so important to keep the little bodies hydrated . Fresh fruit like water melon that is high in water content is also a great sweet thirst quencher. Cold apple juice or ice water are also welcomed. A cup of cold milk before bed would be ideal to keep the kids content and sleep soundly through the night.


Would appreciate it if someone could share some easy and foolproof ice cream recipes that don't require an ice cream maker. Thank you!


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Soo yummy 😄😄

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Nice post i like it awesome when i see this in my mouth water is come

wow looking so yammy dear. and children looking so pretty and happy with it. great job dear

Hahahahaaaa... U can say that again...
They're fun anyway, u miss them when they're gone.

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