The Amazing Bunny Chow Best Of South African Cuisine

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The Bunny Chow

The story goes that the bunny chow was first created in Durban South Africa in the 1940's , it is disputed however nobody really cares as this really simple meal will absolutely make your mouth water for more, once you have tasted A South African bunny chow you will never turn back !

A bunny is basically made from a loaf of bread (with the inside scooped out and kept to dip in the gravy). The hollow loaf is then filled with a delicious authentic Indian curry or any curry of your choice – made from either Lamb Mutton or Vegetables. Beef, chicken or mince can also be used, the curry should have allot of sauce so it can be soaked up by the bread

Bunny chows come in 4 different sizes

Mini Chow
Quarter Loaf
Half Loaf
Full Loaf

The Ladies Bunny or mini chow

There Is Only One Real Way To Eat A Bunny - With Your Hands !

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It definitely is

This recipe looks delicious!

thank you future :)

its make me hungry....

If you have had it once you will always try again

oh my gosh that looks so amazing, I am sending hubby out for curry and a loaf tonight

LOL enjoy

ok now you have my mouth absolutely watering !

thank you

thumbs up all the way!

thank you blogx

that looks soo good :)))

Thank you allasyummyfood :))xx

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