Krispy Kreme Lagos Hangout

in #food2 years ago


So Krispy Kreme opened in Ikeja and there’s been a lot of hype about their doughnuts 🍩 so my friends and I decided to go try out the doughnuts everyone seem to be talking about.


We got there and placed our orders for the doughnuts and the price was about N500 / doughnuts


For me, I found the sugar in the doughnuts to me too much and I didn’t enjoy it like that. I enjoyed the milk shake tho, it was lovely and i think of you go there you should try it out


I’m not a fan of their doughnuts tho but their milkshake is actually dope so you guys should try it out.



Fam, you should have put the address there, since you are blogging about it and making a review

My bad, sorry about that... it’s located in Ikeja City Mall in Lagos state, Nigeria.... I’ll appreciate if you could help resteem this post

I believe you've got a lot to offer on steemit. Do take your time on your next blogs to put in more efforts and details. Your picture quality is good. ensure you use it yo your advantage.

Dante is here No Fear


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