Pin Wheels for the Kids - Recipe

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Yesterday at work, I cooked up a bunch of pin wheels for the kid's afternoon tea. Now, when I say a "bunch", I really mean about 120 of the little buggers!

But the kids absolutely love them , they would definitly feature in the top 5 favourite foods to eat at OSHC.

For those of who how aren't aware, I work at a primary school as the cook for OSHC (Out of School Hourse Care).

We have capacity for up to 100 kids per day but average between 65-85.

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What are Pin Wheels?

I had never heard of them until earlier this year when a co-worker suggested we have them one afternoon and showed me how to make them.

They're actually quite simple, which is always a bonus with an already popular snack.

What You Need

10 sheets puff pastry

1/2 kg diced bacon or ham (shredded or shaved is fine)

tomato sauce (I use a store bought pasta sauce for a bit more flavour)

1kg grated cheese

(Remember that I'm making enough to feed about 70 pre and primary school aged children so if you're just making some for the kids at home you should adjust the quantities accordingly!)

What To Do

  1. Separate sheets of pastry and lay out individually on table

  2. Set oven temperature to High (220-240 degrees celcius)

  3. Evenly spread bacon accross 6 of the pastry sheets (leave about 2cm gap at one edge of each sheet)

  1. Spread a thin layer of tomato sauce over the remaining 4 pastry sheets (again, leave a 2cm gap at one edge of each sheet)

  2. Sprinkle grated cheese evenly over all 10 sheets of pastry (keep egde gap clear)

  3. Starting at the opposite side to the 2cm gap edge, roll each sheet into a log.

  1. Slice each log so you get roughly 10-12 pieces.

  2. Lay pieces flat on greased/lined baking trays and cook for aproximately 10-15 minutes.

  3. Pin Wheels are done when they appear crispy and golden brown.

So there you have it - Pin Wheels. Of course you can put any filling you like in them, as long you are able to roll it up and cut into slices you can pretty muh make what ever flavour you like.

Thanks for Reading.

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Hey Mozz!
It was great to meet you both again at the Jade pub / Steem meet up on Thursday night.
Posts like this one would do really well in the Food Fight Friday competition.
All you'd need to do would be to add the hashtags #fff and #foodfightfriday to your posts when you post them and you'll be entered.

Prizes include SBI (Steem Basic Income - which gives your posts upvotes), but mostly you can get a decent upvote from people viewing your content.

Another thing that I forget to mention are the TRIBEs. If you can find a particular "tribe" or sub group niche regarding either food or cooking or child care / whatever your focus happens to be.

Hey hey! Sorry I can be a bit sporadic with my steemit activity sometimes...yes was awesome night, was only second time we had been but each time everyone has been so welcoming and forthcoming with an abundance of helpful info and motivation etc :)
Cheers for the tip, am always on the lookout for ways to involve my post in something more than itself, will keep in mind for my next food post!
Hope to see you at Jade again this month.

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