Free food! Cook with me - This is all from the trash!

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Eating shit quality foods packed with added sugars, only because that's all you can afford? Do you have any Idea on how much food is wasted and thrown out EveryDay in the western world??

If I could be bothered to I would do a daily menu blog of what I rescued from the trash, and post every day what I found to eat behind supermarkets. I just got back from finding all these lovey vegetables at the closest place to here. Usually in other country's it is not just vegetables and fruits to be found, you find everything that a supermarket sell's and usually its separated for you, vegetables and fruits in one container, meat and fish in another, and then dairy products.

I am in Poland for another 9 days, and would not recommend to come live here (but that's your choice obviously if you get the urge to). Here it seems that its only possible to recycle veggy's and fruits, but hey atleast that's something, and if you happen to be a Vegan then your in luck!

..Today's freegan findings


Doesn't look like much huh?

The trick is to go everyday and then you build up a great collection of foods. The other day I got 4 aubergines on the hunt and so before they went bad I decided to use them up first. What can I do with just aubergines?

Baba Ganoush - That's what!

The Carrots and Celery I will be using as dips for the Baba Ganoush, so just now was time to begin making it whilst playing some SteemMonsters! (and missing the start of that btc breakout just now..)


Start off by slicing the Aubergines length ways and then cris-crossing the flesh with a knife making sure not to go through the skin. Then put on olive oil and place on a baking tray.


Preheat the oven to 180c and put them in for 45 mins.


This is them cooked, and now to let them cool down. I was hungry so decided to stirfry the broccoli and cabbage to eat now!


Now that the Aubergines have cooled down I can make finish it off. Need to scrape out the eggplant flesh and then add tahini and some more olive oil! Going to go munch now !!


If you blog about dumpsterdiving food then let me know and Ill send you some worthless DUMP coins, but you need a Steem-Engine wallet! I need Proof-Of-Dumpstering!

Big Love and Bon Appertito!

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Wow 😯 amazed by the amazing things and stuff you do. That’s...indeed great finds... and surely you love to cook and eat. Bon appetit

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Thanks :) Its a pleasure and infact the only reason why I blog, in my eyes its a real F you to the system that keeps poor people poor and affording bad quality foods which end up making us very sick. In the name of Anarchy!

Great finds and a free meal :)

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Thanks mate! Just baking some banana bread from squishy bananas and will roast a butternut squash as well, with stir fry cauliflower!

that sounds amazing, but how do you trust that whatever you found isn't actually bad? I think that's the problem in the western world, because we're so focused on the date given to us on the package. Is that really something that we can go by? What you've just on here obviously proves the food and drug administration potentially incorrect in some things. You wonder why I hate them.

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I guess its because I was a chef when leaving school. Most things that are thrown out have gone slightly bad, maybe theres an end of a corgette that has gone bad but the rest is good for example so you just cut off the bad piece and your good to go!

Yesterday or the day before there were 4 packets of oyster mushrooms, thrown away as they had a white fur on them, but this dont mean that they are bad, mushrooms create a mold to take O2 from the air to maintain their freshness but as we dont know this we thrown them out when all they need is to be washed :)
The dates are just to produce waste because private company's are making mega bucks from the waste food buisness, oh and to keep the regular Joe carry on consuming which we know is just a form of slavery.

Edit: The celery for example just had some brown leaf's on it, the actual sticks were fine!


So, if you can clean things off, then does that apply to everything? Say for instance, an orange that's been there for a while but now has fur on it. Can you clean that as well and then safely eat it?

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Tbh, oranges and manderine's are always thrown out daily, they mostly come from Spain and in huge quantity's that cost just penny's and so the overheads are covered whilst leaving a huge amount wasted.. I've kind of gone off track a bit !

But what I meant to get to was that I always avoid the furry oranges just because there are always a huge selection to pick from, I've never checked out the mouldy ones, they seem to go blue and look just plain wrong hahahaha!

The cleaning things off is more mainly for fungi, and whilst talking of cleaning things off, many foods in packaging had something split on it, and gets thrown away just because the shop has no staff to be bothered to wash products. Quite sad that supermarkets just write the tally on a piece of paper and chuck things away like that.