No Shrimp spicebag.

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OK, so you probably have a couple of questions, first being Wtf is a spice bag??? I'm not sure if spice bags have travelled outside of Ireland. I could be wrong of course but I've never heard anyone else talk about them.

So a spice bag is a bag of chips (fries to our americas dwelling brethren) which has Chinese spices (duh, clue is in the name) veg ( onion, garlic, chill, peppers) and some type of protein mixed in. A common type would be chicken. I would normally go for the likes of tofu as it is delicious in this context, but as I had a bag of "Shrimp" in the freezer and I just had to try them out. End result was freaking delicious! These "Shrimp" are so close to the animal variety but with waaaaaay less environmental impact and obviously they are better for you too. Shrimp farms are some pretty bad places for everyone involved, well bar the people who make all the money... 🦐 Don't believe me, have a quick search and see for yourself. Its disgusting and very bad for you too.

We're pretty smashed with the house at the moment and we have had to cut back on so many things, takeaway being one of them. But this home made spice bag was so good and for the cost of 1.5 spice bags in the takeaway we made enough for a family of 5.

Anyway, this started out as a "hey check out my filthy dinner" but turned into a bit of a moan. Lol guess that's just me. 😂😂

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