👉RECIPE: Healthy Potato Chips 🥔🥔🥔

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Hello everyone! 😊

I am sorry that you had to wait for the promised potato chips recipe for so long 😯
Here's my recipe for healthy vegan chips that you can easily make at home. I'm lucky to make them from potatoes that I picked up on the farm myself. 

Depending on preferences, add your favorite spices and... Have a nice crunch!  


  • potatoes
  • refined coconut oil
  • Himalayan salt 
  • spices (I used: smoked pepper and a mixture of spices for potatoes, ingredients: salt, onion, sweet pepper, coriander fruit, cumin, marjoram, fennel leaves, savory, fennel seeds, chili, black pepper) 


1. It's important to choose potatoes of similar size. Wash and peel potatoes.

2. Use a sharp knife to cut the potatoes into thin slices. Thinner chips will be more crispy. 

In the preparation of crisps, the most important thing is to cut the potatoes into slices of the same thickness, then avoid the situation in which some of them will burn and some will remain soft.

3. Rinse potatoes thoroughly in cold water.

4. Place the potato slices on a clean kitchen cloth. Then press them with a second cloth to completely dry out of the water. 

5. Mix the potato slices thoroughly in molten coconut oil. Put one next to the other on a baking tray with paper. 

 6. Time to spice our chips. Depending on the taste you want to get, sprinkle with the appropriate spices. Of course, we can only use salt.

7. Bake chips in a preheated oven to 180 - 200 C (depending on the oven). I bake about 20 minutes, but it's worth taking a look into them after just 10 minutes. Chips should have a golden color and be crispy. 

Bless you!

Moni 😍   


Looks crispy potato chips @monika-homa, Thanks for the recipe, such you know Indonesian have many potato producen in Asia, your recipe so helpfull My own idea for make crispy potato chips, resteem it :)

I am glad you like my recipe! 😉
Thank you for comment and resteemd @ericha

I love so much potato and usually I doing this for my potato, but use olive oil. Next time, I will trying to use coconut oil.

Chips with coconut oil are more crispy, but I also sometimes use olive oil.
Thank you for comment @anggreklestari 😊

Looks amazing 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Does coconut oil make a difference?

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Thank you 😊
Coconut oil gives it a crunch. But you can also try use different oil.

ah cos it's thicker? I'll try one day when I can haha.. sounds good!

Hmm. Looking delicious. Resteemed :-)

Thank you very much!

So delicious...i like potato chips😋

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I noticed you use coconut oil in most cases, I was just wondering why, is there any particular reason for that. I love Rapeseed, I do not like much taste in my food, does coconut oil give much taste especially in such thin slices of potatoes?

I use coconut oil for baking and frying, because coconut oil has a high temperature of smoking and gives crunchiness. I also cook vegetables in olive oil. But in the cold I always choose unrefined oils: rapeseed, olive oil, linen and others.
Thank you for comment @stef1

Zajrzyj na przepis w języku polskim na @zdrowie ;))

My favorite snacks...😊😋🤗
sweet potato chips

Re-steemed my friends

Thank you for resteemed!

You are wellcome

Thank you for this super healthy chips recipe Moni, amazing shots too 😊

Welcome 😊
Thank you, dear @lenasveganliving

Always a pleasure my Dear 🍒 🍌🍑🌿🍍🍓🍇

Thank you for your recipe and taking time to make such beautiful process photographs :)

I am happy you like it!

Oh my, I have been waiting for this post and somehow missed seeing it! Yay, I will try these, great idea Moni! Hadn't thought about using coconut oil and baking them in the oven! Will be great with my kids being here!

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