HEALTHY SWEETS: Black & White Halva ☯️☯️☯️ [Vegan & No Added Sugar]

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Hello everyone!

We also need sweets for a healthy balance, especially in autumn 😉 That's why today I invite you to one of my favorite sweets: halva.  

Halva may be one of the least healthy or one of the healthiest desserts. Look at the ingredients of halva available in the store. Each of them consists of about 50% sugar or, even worse, fructose - glucose syrup, which changes the body's metabolism to fat production. 

I love the taste of halva, so I started to prepare it myself. It is worth to include it in your menu because of the health properties that hide inconspicuous sesame seeds. Sesame is a very good vegetable source of calcium and protein.

However, to provide the most nutritional value, buy organic unshelled sesame seeds.


  • 100 g of white paddy sesame 
  • 100 g black sesame seeds 
  • 2 tablespoons of maple / agave / date syrup


1. Roast sesame.  

Before preparing the halva, you must roast and cool the sesame seeds. If you want to achieve the effect of bicolor, you need to prepare white and black sesame separately.  

Put the seeds of sesame on the dry pan, roast them over medium heat for 2-3 minutes, stirring constantly. !!! It is very important not to burn sesame, because it will affect the taste of halva - it will be bitter. Ready sesame pour into bowls and cool, stirring occasionally.  

2. Mix the sesame smoothly. I use an electric coffee grinder. While grinding, be careful not to overheat the sesame. 

3. Add selected syrup to ground sesame, about 1 tablespoon per 100 g sesame. Mix thoroughly. The mass should be sticky, but compact. Put the halva to the container, I recommend using silicone, but it can also be a glass bowl, for example. At the bottom of the dish, you can pour chopped pistachios, almonds or other nuts, as well as dried fruits, such as raisins.

4. Put halva in the fridge for a few hours or overnight. After this time, put on the board and cut into pieces.

Bless you!


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Thank you very much! :)

WOW love this recipe Moni
Shared on twitter

Really healthy food . Shared on twitter @monika-homa


You are welcome..

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i love your post..
I share your post on twitter....


Looks fantastic and sure taste good too. Thanks for sharing and have a good day my dear ♥


Do you like halva? I hope you will try my recipe :)
Thank you for comment @injiskitchen

You prove that food can be also a creative act - well done!


Yes, for me, cooking is a form of creativity! I love it 😊
Thank you 😉


I can totally relate to that - when I am in the mood for it and prepare some delicious food, I can totally unwind! ☺️

But these days as a traveler I mostly cut some papaya and mango and that's it. Then I tend to go a little crazy with more time-consuming raw dishes whenever I got a fully equipped kitchen somewhere. 😁

Hmm yummy and resteemed :-)


I am grateful for your support!

Perfect design


Thank you very much!


You are welcome

that creazy ... i love this much


Thanks! 😃

Oh I love halva! I mostly eat the one from the supermarket tunisian halva with pistachio, but this homemade one looks amazing!


You really should try homemade halva without refined sugar.
Thank you for comment!


Your recipe looks so easy that I'm definitely going to try it out, thanks!

Hi Moni! My grandmother used to buy Halva. I haven't had it since I was kid visiting her. I loved the stuff. Had no idea it was made from seasame seeds. How about that. Yours looks yin yang delicious!


Hello Dan! :) Nice to see you!
Traditional halva is made of sesame seeds, but sunflower seeds halva is also popular in Eastern Europe.
Thank you 😃


You really know your stuff! Never fail to impress. Have a great day!

This is really nice and amazing presentation of halwa. We generally make it with jaggery, as the combination of jaggery and sesame is very delicious. Thanks!


Thank you so much @chetanpadliya
We don't have jaggery in Poland, but I am sure that your halva is also delicious.

I love halva, as you say yourself sometimes it is too sweet but I find sometimes there is too much oil, I hate to have oil feeling in my mouth. I will try your recipe, looks very delicious :)


Some people add tahini or sesame oil to halva. I just grind sesame seeds and add syrup :))
Thank you @stef1

Its been a long time since I had halva, but I wasn't thinking about making it at home. This is a great recipe Moni, thanks 🌸💖🌸