🍭Coconut and Amaranth Energy Balls 🥥🥥🥥VEGAN & GLUTEN FREE & SUGAR FREE

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Hi dear Friends! 

Avoiding gluten allowed me to expand my diet with new products. Instead of wheat you can use: millet,  buckwheat, quinoa, gluten-free oats, corn, brown rice and amaranth, sorghum or teff. 

You know how much I value millet  😉 But today I would love to share with you how you can use amaranth, which is a rich source of protein and fibre.  Also contains iron, magnesiumm potassium, calcium and vitamin K.


  • 1 glass dates
  • 2 glasses of prepared (puffed) amaranth 
  • 2 tablespoons od unrafined coconut oil
  • 1 glass of coconut desiccated
  • a pinch of Himalayan salt


Soak dates in warm water for half hour. Then rinse them and blend together with a coconut oil. 

In the end, add prepared amaranth and coconut desiccated. Mix thoroughly until the mixture gets sticky.

Form balls in your hands, coat them with coconut desiccated or amaranth.      

Coconut and amaranth energy balls store in the fridge.

Bless you!

Moni 😍 


Thanks for sharing monika-homa
Salivating already

Hello @samiwhyte !
Thank you 😉

you are welcome
and thanks for the follow and upvote on @credo

good morning and perfect energy balls @monika-homa ;)

Good morning! 😊💪

good night hehe :p

Wooow it looks tasty I am feeling hungry Thanks for sharing this keep it up

Thank you dear! ;))

Hmmmm,its look soo yummmmy 😧
Again with delicious recipe,thanks @monika-homa for sharing,stay blessed and happy

Thank you very much! I'm happy that you like it 😊

WOW, sugar free Coconut and Amaranth Energy Balls . . .It looks delicious
Thanks @monika-homa for sharing this
My grandma will love it

Thank you!!!Say hello to your grandmother! I hope she will like my healthy sweets :)

So nice of you
and Of course, i will
Stay blessed. . . Thank you

Hello, they look exquisite and also healthy, I have learned a lot about healthy food since I am in steemit, I love when they share recipes, besides coconut is my favorite!

Thank you!!!
Yes, there are a lot of great people on Steemit who write about health and share recipes ;))

as always your recipes are very inspiring for one to make friends, and take incredible photos that causes me to eat everything you do haha @monika-homa

I am glad that you are here and my recipes inspire you to a healthy diet. It means a lot to me. Thank you darling 😊

Uwielbiam kulki mocy! Przede wszystkim te z kaszy jaglanej hihi. Pyszka! 😋

Kto nie lubi kulek mocy? ;) Kwestia, żeby odważyć się zrobić je pierwszy raz :) Później tylko wymyśla się kolejne kombinacje smaków hihi

LoOks very yummy Coconut and Amaranth Energy Balls, I Like to eat ;)
its toooOoo delicious..

I love the sweet. beautiful post.

Thank you; ))

These energy balls look delicious, Although I've never used amaranth! Great job!

Thank you a lot dear!😊
I recommend you also amaranth flour for baking and for breading chops.

Sounds good! I'm gonna try it, if I found any in grocery store.

Każdy amator kuchni roślinnej uwielbia takie słodycze :)

Zgadam się, takie kuleczki uzależniają, a co ciekawe, pomysły na nie, chyba nigdy się nie kończą! :)

These look wonderful! I've never actually tried amaranth, but now I'll have to give it a go. Thanks so much for the recipe!

I prepared this recipe just for you that you could try amaranth 😋 So get to work! 😉😊

Hahahhaha :) will do !

You know how I love coconut! And dates are divine as well. Another great recipe Moni!

So, we like the same flavors 😋
Thank you a lot! 😊

delicious and healthy cakes, thanks for sharing, with this I will know the ingredients to make a delicious cake.

Thank you for comment @maidirsinaga 😊

Great recipe and it sounds very good! Another one for try out!

Thank you Waldek 😊 I hope you will try it 😉

I love any kind of energy balls like this! The perfect bite-sized treat!

Exactly! I also have a weakness for energy balls 😋😊

Those look yummy! I'll have to try, thanks

Thank you very much! I hope you will like it ;))

I am so hungry!

yummy post thanks for sharing please visit my post i have try something same

a very useful post

Oh my good, you've made me so hungry right now. I will definitely going to try this!

Seems like everybody is haring energy bites. These look so good. Never made them with amaranth. Such a lovely idea. Thanks for the inspiration ;)

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Hello my friend how are you?? I love recipes of this type are very healthy I also try to avoid it but it is very difficult to find in my country gluten-free products are almost scarce with what else could this recipe do?

BAM 👊 😍😍 thats the resipe I've been waiting for... Did you made this post for me? Haha.. This coconut energy balls are so so good... Thanks alot... Sista 🌟 now I will ask my gf to make to me asap 🙏 or else.... Have a wonderful day

thx for this, looks realy tasty =)

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