#4 My Best Vegan Breakfasts in the World! 🌎 Fruits on the Gold Coast 🍓

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I spent a month of time this year on the Australian Gold Coast. That's where the most beautiful beaches are!
I fell in love with local farmers' market and organic farms. You can buy excellent fruits and vegetables there.
My best breakfast in Australia:
Sweet fruit: strawberries, papaya, pears, yellow kiwi (I love it!), dates and nuts.

Please, write in the comment what seasonal fruits are available now in the place where you are?

Moni 🍓

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It's always a pleasure to share your recipes and photographs Monika on twitter promoting good quality content on #Steemit.

Keep up the great work and have a fantastic weekend.


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#4 My Best Vegan Breakfasts in the World! 🌎 Fruits on the Gold Coast 🍓 — #STEEM #steemtalent #JoinSteemit #Steemit @steepshot

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Winter fruits are orange, Hog-plums, pommel etc.
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Very delicious even to look at them makes me want them. We have supermarkets with different fruits. My favorites are watermelon and melon, I think I can eat them any time. Also love grapes with cheese, my favorite snacks. They are not exotic but very juicy :)

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Excellent diet miss
In my country it is the season of orange,, grapes and lot of fruits but my favourite is grapes and Ur??

It snowed here today. Ha. Coffee is seasonal here.

Well, citrus are just now coming in season as well as strawberries, passion fruit and black sapote. Of course we have bananas, coconuts guava and papaya year round. So blessed with the fresh fruit available here. Yellow kiwi? Do they have a different taste from the green? Those dates look amazing Moni :) Does your little one enjoy fruit yet?

Yeeeep, these are simple and healthy breakfast! Good for body :)

Papaya is very popular in my country, Indonesia :)

Fruits and vegetables are the best for the body @monika-homa I would like that to be my sole diet but it is not possible though.

I love your food post share on twitter.

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