#2 My Best Vegan Breakfasts in the World! 🌎 Porridge with Black Figs, Seeds & Nuts 🥣

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Today I will show you one more Portuguese breakfast from my idea 😊
In Portugal, for the first time I tried black figs, they are small and very sweet. Have you ever eaten them?

How to prepare a healthy vegan breakfast meal?
Cook the oatmeal on vegetable milk with a pinch of Himalayan salt.
Add a handful of pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds, chopped nuts and black figs, mix.
I poured my porridge molasses from sugar cane.
Moni 🥣

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Healthy and delicious.. full of dry fruits..

Thank you @amrumk!
I love dry fruit, especially dates, figs and apricots :)

Great work Monika...
I share your post on twitter..

Thank you very much!

Today I had porridge with star fruit and mango, both from our farm, love it =)

It sounds great!!! Especially those fruits from the farm, a dream! 😍

Healthy and delicious. Resteemed :-)

Thank you for resteemed! :)

Share on twitter..

Thank you so much!

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Thanks again Monika for bringing great content to the #Steem Blockchain.


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#2 My Best Vegan Breakfasts in the World! 🌎 Porridge with Black Figs, Seeds & Nuts 🥣. @steepshot #STEEM #steemtalent #JoinSteemit #Steemit

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I am grateful for your support, Stephen!

What a healthy fall breakfast Moni! I love figs! In fact I bought them when they were in season and dehydrated a couple of trays :) I used a few the other day and they were wonderful!

Thank you Dear 😊
Wow! Do figs which you dehydrated taste different than the ones you buy?

I share your post on twitter..

Nice porridge with all healthy ingredients, black figs especially good for the irritable bowel, at least one of my friend was absolutely delighted about the result and it seems quite easy and quick :)

I didn't know that black figs can help for the irritable bowel, thanks for information!
...and besides, they are delicious :))

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