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Had a bit of a late night craving so I decided to make these last night. Now I'm not a professional cook and therefore I've never really worked on my presentation but pretty much everything I make ends up being delicious. Most of the things I make are tried and tested so basically the first time I try to make something, it doesn't always turn out to be good but over time, I'll experiment and become better at it till I come up with my own unique recipes (that are also often shortcuts as I like yummy food and I like it FAST)

I'll post the recipe below as well for anyone that's interested (Simplest recipe ever).

I made them American style, i.e, I fried the wings instead of baking them :)


They may look sad but they WERE DELICIOUS. Like I said, presentation is pointless when the food tastes so damn good :P


1.) Buy some frozen wings and BBQ sauce from Walmart (or any other store near you).
2.) Defrost the wings
3.) Drench them with spices (depending on your preference for spicy foods) and seasoning and then add a VERY SMALL coating of eggs on them. Use a brush to apply a thin coat of egg whites on them.
4.) Fry them until they are golden brown and take them out
5.) In a fresh pot, add your thick BBQ sauce(enough to be able to cover half of the wings at least) and add water equal to the amount of BBQ sauce you added. For example, if you added 2 cups of water, add 2 cups of BBQ sauce as well.
6.) Mix this sauce really well.
7.) Toss all the wings in this sauce and mix really well so that all your wings are coated in this sauce.
8.) On a high flame, start cooking these wings. Keep stirring constantly to prevent anything from burning.
9.) Once the sauce becomes thick and creamy, turn the flame down to low and keep stirring. You need to keep stirring so that the wings are well coated in the sauce and so that the water keeps evaporating, making the sauce thicker and stickier
10.) Serve the hot wings on a platter and bathe in the compliments of people who enjoy them! :P

Prep time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 10 minutes at most

If you enjoyed this recipe, don't forget to show the love and follow me at @momoxia! I'll be posting many more recipes in the near future as well! :)


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