Why almonds are good for your health?

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There are many health benefits that the daily consumption of almonds can provide for your body. They have been considered as one of the most beneficial and nutritious nuts in the world.

Almonds can be found in places like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, and Israel. Both types of almonds are easily accessible and available on the market - sweet and bitter. Traditionally, sweet almonds are the ones suitable for eating while the bitter almonds are being processed in order to make almond oil.

Usually, almonds are consumed raw but many people are adding them to different salads or other dishes. Almond milk is also a delicious beverage and it is a great alternative to the less nutritious cow milk.

Doctors and nutritionists are recommending almonds to be consumed on an empty stomach in order to increase and accelerate the process of digesting their nutrients.
Here is a list of top 5 benefits coming from the regular daily consumption of almonds:

(Source: Pexels)

1.The regular consumption of almonds can boost your immune system

British and Italian scientists have discovered that the outer coat of almonds can strengthen the reaction fo your immune system to different viruses and flu diseases. Besides that, the nutrients in almonds can increase the count of the white blood cells and improve their capability of recognizing different viruses.

(Source: Pexels)

2.Almonds can prevent diabetes and cardiac diseases

Almonds are rich in magnesium which affects the blood sugar regulation and their consumption has a positive effect on limiting the risk of diabetes development.
Scientists from New Jersey have found that diets which include regular consumption of almonds can decrease the amount of “bad” LDL cholesterol for people suffering from diabetes and to improve insulin sensitivity.

(Source: Pexels)

3.Regular consumption of almonds can increase your brain activity

Almonds contain high levels of phenylalanine which stimulates the brain activity. This is why they are one of the most popular healthy foods used to strengthen brain activity and memory, both for children and adults.

(Source: Pexels)

4.Almonds can help in weight adjustment

Many specialists in food nutrition recommend the daily consumption of a handful of almonds. Because of their low-glycemic-index, they break down slower by the body which doesn’t affect the blood sugar levels and insulin.
Having a handful of almonds every day can definitely help in weight loss since they have the effect to satiate our body for a longer period of time.

(Source: Pexels)

5.Almonds can improve the condition of your bones

They are a rich source of many different minerals and vitamins and phosphorus is one of them. It can highly affect the strength and endurance and your bones and teeth and besides that, it can prevent diseases such as osteoporosis.

So in conclussion, we can say that almonds are not only a delicious but also quite a nutritious nuts. You should consider making them part of your daily food routine to get the most out for your body!

(As already mentioned, all of the photos used in this article are with royalty free rights and were downloaded from Pexels.com)


Hello and thanks for your information ..
This is a good information because all people brain is not healthy .
Almonds is also a good Dry fruit for human brain and all body parts ..

You are welcome, @steem.original! The regular consumption of almonds is an easy and delicious way to improve our health! :)

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