Yesterday I Wanted Pizza, Today I'm Eating It - Ulog#6

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Hey Steemians,

I hope you all rocking your Thursday!! 1 more sleep till weekend starts!! I had a serious craving for some goood pizza last night and today i got it!!

Take a look at this beauty:
A Woodfired Pizza by Col'Cacchios really hit the spot!!

I chose the half and half options which allows you to combine two sets of toppings! The choice was simple:

  1. Nach Libre ~ jerk spiced chicken, sour cream, home-made guacamole, tomato chilli salsa, coriander
  2. Green Genie ~ avo, balsamic glaze, feta, roasted beetroot, roasted garlic, roasted butternut, rocket, *Italian parmesan, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, shiitake mushroom.

The Nacho Libre did not disappoint and was my favourite of the two. And why not, the movie was great as well!! It certainly did justice to the name! Needless to say it hit the spot and Mimi is now a happy camper!!

To celebrate and help me kill some digesting time before i hit the sack, here are some awesome pizza memes!!

My Love For Pizza in Memes

images (4).jpeg
unnamed (2).jpg
images (6).jpeg
images (8).jpeg

Have a great eve while I go deal with my heartburn!!!

Much Love From Sunny Cape Town, @mimismartypants

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You have inspired me to have pizza today for dinner :)


Yeah, seriously... like, I'm thinking for lunch and dinner! LOL


Hahahhaha!! @onefatindian I thought you would be all filled up from eating all your competitors!! But im sure pizza is much tastier and also much less calories!!


Hahahaha!! Thanks for the
feature @rentmoney! I just checked it out!! Great choice!! You can never go wrong with pizza!! I had the leftovers for breakie!!!


Your Welcome .... sounds like a delicious breakfast to me :)

all day long. e'rrrryday!

pizza. pizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzza

when i could eat gluten - i could smash some pizza for sure LOL
now i still do - but.... you know. sigh

but that one with the pumpkin seeds??? lady! that does NOT sound like pizza - it sounds like a salad! hm. i might have to revoke your pizza card if you keep eating these. heheeh

oh man - my hubby watches these video on pizza reviews - i have to find them for you on youtube - he's hilarious!!!! you could probably just google "One bite -everybody knows the rules" haaahahaha

it's him!


Lol i see you quite the pizza critic!! Was actually quite yummy but i could do without them as well!! Did kinda feel too healthy!!

There are lots of alternatives for gluten bases these days though!! Or are they not as good? I think im like made from pizza so if i couldnt eat it i would have no reason to live!!!

I will check out these reviews!! And report back captain!!

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I considered not living for a while. because life without pizza is..... well. only a shattered existence!

so my hubby just told me - his name is Dave Portnoy... or "El Prez"? check him out - his videos are pretty addicting! hahahahaha

and the gluten free crusts.... the only one that I had that was an awesome substitute for gluten NY style - was the one from Blaze. Fast Fire'd pizza. so so so good!

but for purchasing? Schar is the only way to go. but it's more like Old Forge pizza than NY pizza (Old Forge is like a halfway point between Chicago and NY style)

Old Forge is the self-named Pizza capital of the world hahahaha but.... of course New Yorkers would beg to differ. and Chicagoans would probably not even acknowledge their claim to fame hahahahaha

it's one of those things though. geez. Old Forge/ Scranton/ Taylor? (in northeast PA) they all have these little family owned pizza places that perfect their own recipes and die to protect them.

I asked my hubby the other day if he would ever consider going on a gluten feast week hahahahaha

he said - only if it was a week in PA hitting every pizza joint imaginable ;)

and i had to honestly consider it. It would probably be worth the 4 months of symptoms for me. LOLOLOLOL


Lol doooooo iiiitttttt!!!! Wait?? How bad are your symptoms though?? If you wont almost die or be hospitalised then do it!!!

These men hey!!! Sooo supportive!! Its why we have to ho out of our way to prove them wrong lol

Also please don't do it if it will killl you, but also remember what doesn't kill you makes you stronger!!!

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