Cup Cake Drive For Tygerberg Children's Hospital - Ulog#7

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Hey Steemians,

Happy Friday!!

Busy baking up a storm for the cupcake drive, in aid of Tygerberg Children's Hospital here in Cape Town. Every year a bake sale is hosted to raise funds which goes towards new equipment for the hospital!! So essentially every cupcake can change a child's life.

My mom, sisters and I have been hard at work all evening. So I thought I'd take a quick break to share some pics with you all!!

The Production Line



But let me get back to work, hope you all having a lovely Friday

Much Love From Sunny Cape Town, @mimismartypants

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There is a whole editor for you on

You can also use the steemit editor to type the post, then copy the html, then head over to to publish from there. It is built on the steem blockchain, so you post will still appear on steemit like normal. We are building an entire world movement with uloggers globally and at this point testing out the site, thus, joining us in testing is encouraging. Don't worry on you can do everything you do on steemit, like browse posts, comment, upvote, look at your steem activities, use your wallet etc.

Something for food is coming up on the site soon. You can also start it and bear forth a community. These are called ulog-subtags e.g ulog-food etc When you create a ulog-subtag though, try to still use #ulog as first tag as it is more popular and e.g ulog-food as second tag.

There are many of these building up already e.g

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Sounds interesting!! Will definitely check it out! Thanks for the tip!

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holy cupcakes batman!!!!! that is a LOT of frosting hahahahahaha

how many did you end up baking???


Almost 200!!! Way too many!!

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Thats quite a lot!! Yayyy!

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Those are lovely and yumny looking cuppies..

Its heartwarming to know that you are doing it for a fund raising for the hospital. Definitely, it will save more lives!

Bless your family for your big hearts and love for the community!

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Aaaaaw thanks lady!!

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The community should thank you too.. hehe... its family effort.. its community love..

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