Out of Control Eating: Food is Too Convenient

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There’s many fancy words or phrases for it these days.

Exceeding recommended caloric intake

But it usually means the same thing. We know how much food is healthy but we still eat more than that. I call this an addiction. People are addicted to food.

Food Addiction.png

We’ve all been there

I’ve been the guy eating a whole pie by himself.

I mean pizza pie, and I mean dessert pie, the full gambit.

Seriously, I've been around the block more than once and I wasn't raised on any healthy eating habits, I had to discover those on my own and through the egregious public education system who, to at least some credit, told me to read nutrition labels.

I grew big and strong literally on Kool-Aid, cheap Swanson TV Dinners and Kraft blue box macaroni and cheese. The Original, before the Kraft finally decided "I guess we can remove the chemical food dyes from the American version since Europe banned it for causing hyperactivity in children"

Why do we Overeat as Americans?

I often think many people cheat on their spouses just simply because they have the opportunity. Without the right opportunity or circumstances, no cheating would happen. Yet the man or woman is still the same quality of person just as likely to do the same things if the opportunity arises. And this is how we explain why cheating and separating is more prevalent today than in decades past. Instant communication has simply made the opportunities for cheating much more easy.

The same goes for overeating, another temptation to give in to. Many factors make it so easy to overeat once we're addicted:

  1. Cheap (read: junk) food is more calorie dense, making it more affordable
  2. The companies have had a century to perfect their recipes to make it the most tasty
  3. With greater taste comes more addiction, sugar's been said to be as addictive as cocaine
  4. We literally have convenience stores open 24 hours a day to satisfy our food cravings!
  5. Urbanization: Mass production, transportation and even online retail have made it so easy to acquire foods. If we're not within walking distance of some store or can't drive, we can just order some food off amazon and have it delivered directly to our door - barely having to get off our lazy butt to answer when the postman arrives!
  6. Take-Out and Delivery - Then came Online Ordering came
  7. Meal delivery services are already Big Business with dozens of competing companies:
    Blue Apron, Relish, GreenChef, Eatology, Purple Carrot, PlateJoy, Food Flo, Hello Fresh, Plated, Home Chef, Sun Basket...etc.

Not to mention every downtown of every reasonably sized city is packed with restaurant after restaurant, store after store...all providing cheap, fast and convenient eating. So why say no when it makes us feel good?

Our culture is promoting this kind of eating like its something to be proud of. Look on YouTube, this new mukbang video thing and even person and person reviewing cheap fast food dishes in front of the camera are getting hundreds of thousands of views - especially the videos where people challenge themselves to eat exhortation amounts of calories (think 10,000).

Stay tuned...I will get to the psychology of overeating sometime soon...muahaha!

For now keep hitting that follow button. The more followers I get, the more rewards and the more quality my articles shall become.

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Good analysis mike. I linked it in my recent article Raw Vegan Fruitarian Diet is not Nutritionally Deficient

thank you

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