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Happy Weekend Steemit Friends! 🤗

TGIF! After a loonnngggg week, this city gal needs to kick off her Choos 👠 and enjoy a refreshing tipple... and a Cosmo would be just perfect! 🍸


Despite its fancy name, a Cosmopolitan cocktail is quite easy-to-make at home... and today, I'll share my Cosmo recipe with you! 😜


Here's a useful tip for recalling the main ingredients needed and in their correct order. Just remember the phrase "LOVES THE CITY LIFE".

The L in LOVES is for lemon flavored vodka, the T in THE is for triple sec, the C in CITY is for cranberry juice, and lastly, the L in LIFE is for lime juice.


Trust me, you'll make a Cosmo that's sssoooo smooth, it'll knock-off Carrie Bradshaw's panties!

Watch My Cosmopolitan Cocktail Video Tutorial:

My Cosmopolitan Recipe Card:



Thanks for commenting, upvoting and resteeming this post! I hope my post will inspire you to treat yourself to something sweet! Until next time...




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looks like a delicious tipple for a great time out and about on a nice sunny day!

Now if only we could just put these freezing cold days behind us, so we can get back to some of those terrific terrace tipple tasting events! 😁 lol


I'm glad you enjoyed the terrace tipple tasting and a big thank you for being a featured extra in my how-to video! I should add your role on Youtube as "Tipple Taster"... hehe!

I'm ssssooo ready for springtime sunshine and noontime Margaritas!

Love it and love the useful tip! I also love your sense of humor ;).

As always, thanks for sharing!


Oh, thank you so much @offoodandart! I always appreciate your thoughtful comments ; )

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I always love your posts! They have so much energy in them. Since I don't drink often, I'm always thinking of what to drink next. I love fruity cocktails. My favorite is probably the pineapple upside down cake drink.


Thank you @bosssarah! What a thoughtful comment ; ) Oooo... and that's a great drink and a yummy cake too!


You're welcome! I <3 pineapple anything!

That's a pretty simple recipe. I would love to try it.


I love when recipes are simple, easy and don't call for a long list of ingredients ; )

i love a good cocktail but have never tasted a cosmo. i'll have to try your recipe. looks very delicious. awesome job on the post. how did you add emojis?


Thank you! Just copy and paste emojis from emojipedia

Makes me want a drink ! Looks so good


Hope you got that drink! Cheers to you!

Oh wow! Just watching the video and reading about it seemed so delicious. Thanks for this. Ill try to make one, later. Thanks @michellectv!


Cool! Cheers to you @zoeroces!

Michelle, this is so great! I love Cosmos, and I really love the way you formatted this post. You're creating really great stuff. I'm excited to follow along and see your journey! :)

<3 Lexi


Thank you Lexi! Happy to have you along for the ride! ; )

Good work. Love the cocktail. Love the lemons. Amazing.


Haha! Well, when life gives you lemon flavored vodka, make a Cosmo! ; )

Excelent videos!!!!. that's one of my favorite drinks


Cosmos are classic ; )

Beautiful post. Nice videos you shared. Cocktail presentation was so good. Thanks for posting.


Thank you! Cheers to you!

drinks that I really like, you are an expert emm ... thank you very much okay


Oh, I wouldn't call myself an expert. Just a student for life :D

Good job! Thanks for sharing <3 i like it ^^ keep it up :))

incredible ... thanks for the recipe .... i like it a lot. maybe you look beautiful, because often the drink. I really like. you are also very beautiful


I'm glad you enjoyed the video recipe ; )

Good post, it provides all the information that you will need to create that particular cocktail. Detailed information with images and video helps the readers a lot.


Thank you for your critique! It helps our posts : )


Only a pleasure. Thank you for the great post.... it's a pleasure helping to support other users who are also making use of the Steemit Blockchain. Building community is everything so I enjoy adding value to the community too. Great content :)


Such a great point, yes, community is everything!


Totally agree. Your blog page is amazing, I love the thumbnails you use for most of your posts, really stands out for the users :)

Thanks a lot i like this recipe


Glad you enjoyed it!


Thanks a bunch!

Wow very good tutorial best of luck


Thank you!

i thing its little strong.


Better a little strong than too weak!

Guess I know what I'm drinking this Friday night.

Thanks for the recipe, you make it look super easy.


You're quite welcome @luvabi! You have great taste in cocktails. Cheers to you!

Cocktile is poisioness item ,isn't it?😀