Fat Free Super Easy Cheesy Sauce by Michele the Trainer

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Fat Free Super Easy Cheesy Sauce by Michele the Trainer

Please read entire recipe before starting and always use organic whenever possible, enjoy!

Free Your Mind and your ABS will Follow ;) You might have abs and not be able to find them, but if you clean up your diet deliciously you might be able to eat your way to finding them!

Why is she using a photo of bell peppers for a cheesy sauce? The roasted red bell peppers gifted a generally fat free base that gave some saucy texture.

Yes of course this recipe is vegan, and super fast and easy cheesy!

What is NOOCH?Vegans all know NOOCH, which is really called Nutritional Yeast. A popular brand is Bragg's, and many vegans learn about it because it is often fortified with vitamin B, but vegans LOVE it because it tastes CHEESY. You can find the Bragg's brand nutritional yeast at any healthy store or likely on Amazon too.

This recipe offers you the quickest nutrition in a tiny time slice. You get the nooch B vitamin benefits, the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar (you can Google all that!),

Please read entire recipe before starting and always use organic whenever possible, enjoy!

NOOCH Cheesy Sauce (the insider name)

Put into your blender:

  Rinsed 2 jars of Roasted Red Bell Peppers (Trader Joes). One jar 8.4 ounces drained, the other 7.75 ounces drained 
 (any  2 jars will do)

  8 Garlic cloves

  1 cup NOOCH (Bragg's Nutritional Yeast)

   2 Tbsp Organic White Miso

  1 Tsp Apple Cider Vinegar (Bragg's also sells a fine ACV)

  2 TBSP lemon juice (juice of .5 lemon)

Blend until blended, and that's it!

Use it on steamed veggies (Excellent on big veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, artichokes or kale), raw carrots and cucumbers excellent too, on wraps, for dipping, with hummus, with air fries, as salad dressing. Use it on baked plant protein like tempeh, or beans too! Let me know all of your ideas.

Here are some of the historic benefits of Miso:

Here is another great miso recipe for salad dressing, also featuring ACV:

Visit me at MicheleTheTrainer.com I'd love to see you there!!

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Previously published on my blog EngineeringWellness.com

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Hi @micheletrainer i like your recipes because are healthy and at the same time tasty because people believe that eat vegetables is boring, but as you show us you can create and combine many things and have as result something tasty and for all family. Regards

A great recipe and I'm sure it's very tasty and very healthy, since it has a lot of vitamins! Thank you @micheletrainer

wow!!!Nice recipe,,,
you are so sweet,,,


Thank you @nishuxr have a great week!

wow ! wow ! what a tasty and healthy recipe?A good recipe,a good life.thanks for sharing your helpful post.
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Wow! Red peppers are very good to enjoy with special recipes that will make the food super delicious. Thank you for sharing @micheletrainer 👌

Thanks for sharing your valuable post.this recipe very tasty and very healthy. wish you success in this steemit by your food and life post.
Carry on your activity ..

followed /// upvoted /// resteemit done.


THANK YOU @ellianaa for the RS Love!

Perfect way to be healthy and happy thanks for sharing this recipe dear :D

this is really good to see nice things you share :)

what a recipe,,really tasty no doubt
healthy also may be,,i love

wow great way to make recipe,,
so tasty

wow very excellent post Thanks for sharing i will done upvote..

thanks @micheletrainer for this awesome post's really helpful to stay in shape

the recipe looks really an interesting one i should try that

wow...i need your invitation for recipe,,
love this tasty food,,,my favourite

This is amazing you are helping us to be healthier.

Well thanks for the tips

It seems really easy as a matter of fact !

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