4 Gallons Worth Of Mozzarella Cheese

in food •  6 months ago

It was actually over 4 gallons worth. It's been our biggest batch yet. We use this homemade mozzarella for grated cheese on nachos, homemade pizza and of course it's delicious just eating by itself!

If you want to see our recipe video, its linked below!


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Great job on making the MOZZARELLA CHEESE!

Only a cow knows how to make 4 gallons of raw milk. Lol! @ironshield


Yeah, even I can't do that.

I love my cheese too


There is nothing like homemade cheese.

Cannot upvote...cannot resteem...what gives?


You should be able to. Not sure why.

Tweeted to share!


Thanks WeeTree!

Thank you for sharing. Resteemed.

Love fresh mozzarella cheese! I'll admit, I'm a little jealous! :-)


HA! It's really good.

That is a lot of cheese. Looks great. I love fresh cow milk. Well not so fresh it is warm but fresh and chilled cows milk.

I betcha that's good.

Yum! Looks soo good!