And... they are fermenting! Super hot chili peppers.

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I am very happy, that I have prepared my super hot chili sauce and it is already fermenting... I put about 60-65% of my crop there and the rest of the peppers will be most likely dried.


While fermenting the peppers is one of the best ways to preserve them without becoming bad, you will most likely lose habaneros’ and scorpions’ powerful fruity and flowery aromas. Yet, you will conserve almost all the spiciness of the peppers.

Dehydration on the other side will preserve their aroma in a great way. Still you will get all the burning effect of these hell’s plants!

I used only chili peppers in this sauce, but had put in some less spicy varieties like pepperoncino for instance. I’m proud, that these peppers are all grown myself and can’t wait for this sauce to get ready.

Cutting all these peppers was not a big deal, but you have to be always very careful touching them. Touching these devils with bare hands will make you very painful here and there, at least where you touch your skin, so I always treat them with gloves.

The bad boys before fermentation

Well, all the house became spicy, due to my fiancée, but I was not able to smell anything. All this powerful smell had tuned my aroma receptors.

You can see the fermentation bubbles

So... do you like spicy food?
See you soon!

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