I finally harvested my plantain

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Nature is always faithful; all that is needed is our good cooperation.

Once upon a time 5 months ago, I leased a land in my community for farming, in it I noticed some abandoned plantains from previous farmers who used the land long ago. According to stories, those plantains were brought from Cameroon 🇨🇲 Which the farmer later stopped taking care of.

I decided to take them home and to care for them. I’m happy that today, i received their own compensation for caring for them. I harvested a ripped bunch and still have others that are yet to be harvested.

You may scroll down and read from the bottom; reading that way will help you to see how it all started; I tracked every of my activities with these plants from the first day I planted them to this day that I harvested one of them. Enjoy the memory lane.


After 5 months, I happily harvested one out my many plantains.


The time of harvest is said to be a time of recompense for farmers. To me, nature reciprocates accordingly; our action determine how nature responds back to us.


I kept my eyes on my garden and catered for it until it began to ripe. I wasn’t too fast to harvest it. I wanted to be patient with it in order to observe all the reactions associated to its production


Others are growing fast, and many are already flowering, as I watch them grow, I’m also making plans on transplanting many of the suckers to my multipurpose farm for more yield.


I was fascinated to watch the flowers as they bud, and I was careful to capture the stages and the progress.


I watched them grow and germinate. It took some of them just 4 month to grow and to germinate.


Then I supported them with compost manure to enable them recover from their struggles inside the bush.


I placed them inside those holes 🕳 that I prepared for their comfort.


Then I went to the bush where I found them. I went with my truck 🛻 and brought all those abandoned plantains to my home garden.


After I made up my mind to transplant those plantains, I came back to my home garden and dug the ground, poured compost manure for their consumption.


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