Going Undercover to Expose The Food Industry I Work In....Part II

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Dirty Food.

For the last eight years, I have been working for one of the biggest supermarket chains in Europe, what I have witnessed over this period would put anybody off buying food from these multinational companies, that is why I have decided to share with you some of the horrors I get to see on a daily basis. In PART I you got to see how these big supermarkets throw away tonnes of food and make no effort to give it to people in real need, some of you have commented that they do this to cover their own back in case someone gets sick and they sue, I understand in some countries this is the case but not in Sweden, where there is no suing culture whatsoever, which leads me back to the fact they are only driven by profit and can't stand the thought of people getting food for free.

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This is all you get to see, shiny floors, fancy packaging and smiley faces, it all looks fit for a queen right, WRONG!!!
Follow me as we go backstage, I will take you to the warehouses where the food is stored, I will show you the back of the truck this food gets transported in so you can get a different perspective of what things really look like. Please watch this short video below to find out more. What I am doing is very risky and I could get prosecuted so show some support in the way of upvotes and if you feel it's worthy then a resteem would be fantastic and please come with your thoughts on how we can come together to make this better for everyone, because this affects all of us and we are all in the same boat.


I realised that the video of the truck didn't look that bad as it was full, watch this video of the same truck when empty, and I have still seen a lot worse.

Peace and love to the World.


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Full upvote for your revealing work! You're Kip Andersen (What the Health, 2017) 2.0 ;)


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Thank you buddy, I am not aware of Kip, but I will look him up :)


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@markwhitam I'm agreed with you!! In 2017 reports -
More than 98 percent of samples of strawberries, spinach, peaches, nectarines, cherries and apples tested positive for residue of at least one pesticide.
A single sample of strawberries showed 20 different pesticides.
Spinach samples had, on average, twice as much pesticide residue by weight than any other crop.
Avocados and sweet corn were the cleanest: only 1 percent of samples showed any detectable pesticides.
More than 80 percent of pineapples, papayas, asparagus, onions and cabbage had no pesticide residues. (Note: Some papayas are GMOs. Choose organic to avoid that.)
No single fruit sample from the Clean Fifteen tested positive for more than four types of pesticides.


yeah right, the veg is really exposed, and if it's not then it's wrapped in plastic that's pumped with gas to keep it fresh. I do buy organic but I have been to an Organic farm and there is nothing Organic about it let me tell you, the only plus is that it's not sprayed with poison.
thanks for your insight.


Yupp @markwitham in the world only 1 percent vegetables+fruits seller are to keep it fresh in organic ways!! And 99 percent sellers are only using gas and many things to keep it freshed It's really harmful for us. And I really like to resteemed with my followers and they were also read that articles :)


It seems to differ based on the country but an organism that is genetically modified can still be grown organically. Some non GM foods especially soya based products have been found to be GM contaminated and organic meat from animals fed with GM foods. This needs to be investigated as well.

You my friend, are spot on with this problem. I spent 18 years in the grocery industry. What you are showing is mild. I do not buy hardly any fresh items from the big chains. Fresh sliced sandwhich meat is the worse thing you can buy from a big chain. Freah raw meat being a close second. In america they wont even by fresh produce from local farmers. What people do not realize is, it so much worse then what they think. Thanks for the video, cant wait for part 3.


Thank buddy, yeah you are right this is very mild, I have been to meat factories and its a real shock. My uncle used to fix the machines at the burger factories and some of the pictures and stories he told me have put me off burgers and hot dogs for life. I only eat wild moose or dear that I get from the person who killed the animal.
thanks for your imput :)

Hi friend, you didn't post anything why? Are you okay? Have a great day today.


Ah that's sweet, I am fine I have just been really busy getting ready for the big travel.
I have some big posts coming soon that I am working on :)


Happy journey friend.

Some of it is the managers, but you're right, no pride.

Good to see you getting on camera more and more ;)


It seems nobody cares anymore. Haha I will do video until you've all had enough of looking at my hairy face :)

There is no excuse for this.

Thank you for sharing with us. You are very brave.

You did a great job by creating awareness among people about unhygienic system of storing food. Thanks for the valuable information about the so called mncs. Happy steeming friend.


Thank you @maya7 I think it's only right that people get to see the other side.

It's very risky to do that @markwhittam! I am so lucky to watch this rare video.
Thanks for your great effort! Upvoted and Resteemed now!


Thank you for the resteem @measbong

Well done @markwhittam!
Thanks you for sharing this valuable information so people can see the real truth behind storing food.


Thank you @treyang99 it's good to know people really appreciate what I do :)

Upvoted and resteemed like always :) Mark, do you know they irradiate food? I saw documentary about it, can't find it on youtube. Check some yt videos about irradiating food!


Thank you @cmoljoe, wow I did not know that, I shall look it up thanks for the tip


Basically they put food in big containers. Then they put those containers in water which have some level of radiation. They say that level is safe, but that documentary showed that isn't true.

My wife, daughter, and myself spent Saturday at the local farmer's market and picked up some good stuff from the locals. It was great because we get to talk and meet with the people that actually grow our food, and we feel much more confident that what we are getting is good for us. Thanks for sharing this work!


This is great, keep it up, we need to support the good guys :)

Nice work! The only things I buy in a supermarket are toilet tissue and refuse sacks.
My food comes from an organic farm 25km away, and from other local producers at a weekly organic market. These people have a direct relationship with their customers, take pride in the quality of what they produce, and they have no problem with clients visiting the farms and production facilities.


Yes, the more people do this the quicker we can get things back on track, I wish we had such places around here, but soon we are moving to Portugal to buy land and grow our own :)
Thanks for sharing this with us, it gives me hope

It is the same everywhere, I think! Here, where I live, in some places, food (and I'm not just talking about fruits and vegetables) is sold on streets under an open sky fully exposed to ongoing traffic with all the air pollution, dust and God knows what else! And passersby just stop by, stand right there, eat, pay and go their way.

I can see how serious and upset you are about this horrible situation in your video. And it's great that you are taking steps to help this problem. And you are right about the take away their money, they have no power. If only everybody thought like you and took action like you, in some years, these "big guys" will disappear leaving the world a better place for our future generations. Sigh! Thanks for the video, Mark! You may yet start a revolution.


Yes it's seems this problem is everywhere, for some reason I would think that food at the side of the road in India is safer as it probably hasn't been sprayed with chemicals as much. Our food is sprayed with insect/human killer then rapped in plastic and pumped with toxic gas to keep it fresh.
Yes you are right I do get upset about it, and I hope you are right that the big guys Will be gone in the future when everyone is aware of the problem.
Thanks @sandzat for sharing your thoughts :)

Thank YOU! I've resteemed this 5 days late - hope it helps.


Wow thank you, it never too late for a resteem :) I appreciate the support @healingherb


You're welcome. I'm not sure how much good it does but it's always worth a try :)

Cool video and very useful @markwhittam. I do appreciate your hard work to raise the awareness of unhygienic way of storing food. Upvote and followed you :D


Thank you for the support @srolanhoun
I am glad you appreciated the information :)

Great video! Upvoted and Follow you @markwhittam!
So brave to do that!

Great I found your post @markwhittam. Very interesting to watch your video. So risky...OMG!
Upvoted and followed


Thank you @luckychicken I agree it was a bit risky, but worth it :)

Good video. I cannot like you in that risky situation! Upvoted and also followed you @markwhittam to see you next amazing videos :D


Thank you @neanglylu, it's worth the risk to show people what it really looks like.
Thanks for the support :)

Upvoted and followed! Nice video!
Thanks you for this great information about dirty food.
Keep up @markwhittam!


Thank you @tekdong
I am happy you enjoyed my work :)

Be careful @markwhittam! I am really thankful for your best effort to take this video.
Upvoted. I am always your supporter :D


Thank you @apple64
Much appreciated :)

...to be honest....didn't think that truck looked too bad. Just my opinion though.


Yeah your right this was a clean one in comparison, :) some of them are really bad


Have a look now, same truck when empty


...yeah, looks like it could do with a power washer. Update appreciated!

So money pollutes everything!! That's great job that you did. 👏

Very good video! I hope you are always safe and wish you best luck.
Support for your hard work! Upvoted and follow your blog.


Thank you @numornsorm that is very kind of you :)

You are really brave @markwhittam! Thanks your your good post!

Such a helpful report.
Thanks for sharing my friend.
Please support me i m newbi here