Today I Made Fermented Cuttlefish and Cuttlefish Sashimi

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Good day everyone, today I will show to you one of the things I love to do. I love discovering or creating unusual things in short unique, especially when it's foods or cooking related.


Today my boss bought some big fresh cuttlefish, and he said that we will make fermented cuttlefish, we rarely make this kind of food because it was very hard to find cuttlefish in our town.

I'm very excited on making this because I realy missed and almost forgot the taste of this seafood, and finally! after I think half a year i can eat cuttlefish again Lol,..


My Preparation and Procedure

Making fermented foods is very easy because we don't have to cook it, all we need to do is to complete all the ingridients and we need to make sure that all the ingridients are fresh especially the fish.


The preparation for making this is very easy, first I clean and remove the skin of the cuttlefish untill the white soft flesh appears, then I slice the cuttlefish into very thin rectangular pieces like in the picture above (dont forget to put ice to keep fresh).


Then I make a special sauce for fermenting the cuttlefish, this sauce is made of chili paste, chili flakes, chili powder, sliced garlic, sesame seed and different kinds of seasoning and spices, the taste of this sause is sweet, sour and a little hot and spicy.


Then I put the sliced cuttlefish in the special sauce I made (Make sure to remove the ice and drain the remaining water befor putting the fish), then I mix all the ingridients, make sure that you mix all the engridients well, then after mixing properly I put the fermented cuttlefish in a container and I put it in the refrigerator.. then our fermented cattlefish is done.


If you're ever wondering what happen to the tentacles, since the tentacles is the most delicious part we decided to make another recipe for it, we boiled the tentacles for up to 20 minutes and the we also put a special sauce made of soy sauce, sugar, garlic, onion and different kind of spices.


Cuttlefish Sashimi for my Snack

As I said earlier I missed the taste of the cuttlefish that's why I made a cuttlefish sashimi with ssamjiang sauce for my snack lol. Maybe most of the sashimi lovers uses soy sauce and wasabe for their sashimi sauce, I'm a bit different because I don't want the taste of wasabe, I use ssamjiang for my sauce instead, the tastes of ssamjiang is sweet,sour and spicy..

Today is a great yet busy day for me, and I enjoy what I learned and what I've done today..

That's all for now, thank you for dropping by and thank you on your time spent reading this content hope you enjoyed reading this because I always enjoy doing things like this..


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